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GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot verwendet den OpenAI Codex, um Code und komplette Funktionen in Echtzeit vorzuschlagen. Der Copilot ist ebenfalls auf Milliarden Codezeilen trainiert worden, wandelt er Spracheingaben in Codierempfehlungen um, die in Dutzenden von Programmiersprachen vorliegen können. Die Integration mit GitHub ist selbstverständlich. Dieses ausgefeilte Werkzeug gibt es allerdings nur als Freemium- oder Bezahlversion.

Ähnlich aufgestellt ist das Entwicklerwerkzeug Buildt AI, das es in einer kostenlosen und einer Freemium-Version gibt. Das KI-Tool soll Entwickler dabei unterstützen, umfangreiche Codebestände schnell zu durchsuchen und zu verstehen. Es ist also mehr eine Suchmaschine für Code und als solche beschleunigt sie das Code-Management. Der Entwickler kann zudem nach Abhängigkeiten im Code suchen und diese aktualisieren. Buildt AI unterstützt derzeit JavaScript und TypeScript, plant aber, mehr als 15 Programmiersprachen zu unterstützen.

Die Suche mit der Funktion „Super Search“ erfolgt mit Spracheingabe, um Code-Schnipsel zu finden, zu erzeugen und zu ersetzen. Das ist besonders bei veralteten und zerbrochenen Abhängigkeiten (Joins, Links) von Bedeutung, die sich leicht aktualisieren lassen.

Zur Codeverwaltung gehört die Erzeugung neuen Codes, das Wiederverwenden vorhandenen Codes, die Erweiterung des Funktionsumfangs und das Entfernen von doppeltem oder veraltetem Code. Die Codepflege ist vor dem Hintergrund geänderter Gesetzeslage (DSGVO, EU AI Act usw.) dringend angeraten.

Similar in structure is the developer tool Buildt AI, which comes in both a free and a Freemium version. The AI tool aims to assist developers in quickly searching through and understanding extensive code repositories. Essentially, it functions as a code search engine, accelerating code management. Developers can also search for dependencies within their code and update them. Currently, Buildt AI supports JavaScript and TypeScript, with plans to expand its support to more than 15 programming languages.

The ‘Super Search’ feature allows users to find, generate, and replace code snippets using voice input. This is particularly useful for identifying and updating outdated or broken dependencies (such as joins and links) that can be easily refreshed.

In terms of code management, Buildt AI covers tasks such as creating new code, reusing existing code, extending functionality, and removing duplicate or obsolete code. Given the evolving legal landscape (including regulations like GDPR and the EU AI Act), maintaining code is strongly recommended.

Free AI Tools for Selection While most people are familiar with ChatGPT, it’s essential to recognize that it’s merely a tool, not an application. Users should understand how to use the tool effectively and what outcomes they hope to achieve. On the other hand, the AIvalley platform offers numerous ready-to-use solutions and tools.

AIvalley’s content is divided into various categories, with the latest and most popular offerings listed at the top. One aspect to consider during selection is pricing. Not all the listed options are free; some follow a freemium model, offering premium features exclusively to paying users.

If AIvalley doesn’t meet your needs, you can explore other platforms for AI products. The “AI Resource Finder Tool” provides its own directory of AI tools. Additionally, the Consensus search engine uses AI techniques to display scientific research content, making it suitable for the research community.

For a more entertaining experience, consider using the Idatapp tool. It can transform mundane 2D videos into captivating 3D videos and vice versa. The 3D converter offers various modes for selection.

If you find yourself navigating legal complexities related to data conversion, consult the AI Lawyer. AI Lawyer claims to provide relevant legal advice and automatically generate legal documents (referred to as “briefs”). Since legal jargon isn’t always straightforward, the AI Lawyer can also review, interpret, and compare these briefs. Keep in mind that advanced features may come with a premium fee, but using AI Lawyer is likely more cost-effective than hiring an attorney based on hourly rates.

And speaking of automation, will auto mechanics soon be replaced by AI? Enter the “Mechanic for a Chat.” This tool aims to help users troubleshoot vehicle-related issues.

Lastly, mastering prompt engineering is essential for effective AI use. Learning how to formulate optimal questions leads to better answers and results. The “Learn Prompting” open-source training course caters to beginners, covering everything from basic AI concepts to advanced prompting techniques.

In the realm of marketing, things have evolved. Creating YouTube videos is now crucial for visibility. However, time is money. That’s where the Controlnet tool comes in handy—it allows users to create promotional videos with just a few clicks. Although version 1.0 may have room for improvement, it’s a time-saving solution.

Conversely, Voicepen offers a reverse process: transforming audio or video files into text for blog posts. Voicepen’s AI extracts key themes from podcasts, videos, audiobooks, etc., creating engaging and SEO-friendly blog content. Need a translation? Voicepen can even convert audio files from any language into English blog posts. Beyond repurposing videos and audio, VoicePen can also transform training videos into blog posts—a potentially time-consuming task that it accomplishes in just eight minutes1.

Lavender is an email assistant that provides users with a range of features to support writing sales emails. By combining AI analysis, integration with social media, and productivity programs, it helps users create more effective emails, resulting in a higher response rate.

Initially, a chatbot initiates email conversations with candidates and leads to automatically identify the most promising leads likely to become customers. The bot then suggests topic ideas and generates content based on written input or sample text patterns. It immediately detects grammatical errors (in English) and assesses the emotional tone of the content (likely ranging from ‘friendly’ to ‘warm’).

Lavender also includes real-time coaching for sales representatives, with the bot tracking their performance. Through an API, Lavender can be integrated with other software applications.

Programming AI: CodeWhisperer by Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a professional tool for faster and more efficient code creation using machine learning-based recommendations. AWS trained CodeWhisperer on billions of lines of code to provide informed code suggestions, ranging from code snippets to full functions.

CodeWhisperer can highlight or filter code recommendations resembling training data from open-source sources. Users simply need to specify the associated open-source project with its repository URL (e.g., GitHub) and license (GPL, etc.) to review the relevant source code and potentially contribute.

The tool adapts to the user’s workflow. Users can choose from 15 programming languages, including Python, Java, and JavaScript, as well as preferred development environments such as VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, and AWS Cloud9. AWS Cloud9 is a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) that allows code writing, execution, and debugging directly in a browser.

For individual users, the tool is free. Developers can register and log in to CodeWhisperer within minutes using an email address and an AWS Builder ID. The individual tier offers code suggestions, reference tracking, security scans, and includes the conversational coding AI assistant, Amazon Q.

In addition to the features offered in the individual tier, the CodeWhisperer Professional tier provides management features for organizations granting developers access to CodeWhisperer. The Professional tier includes access to Amazon Q Code Transformation, which accelerates language updates to Java 17, and Amazon Q function development. During the preview version, Amazon Q features are available for free and will be offered with consolidated pricing plans once generally available.

Only when a user opts for Amazon Q does the subscription fee apply, at $20 or $25 per month per user.

GitHub Copilot: GitHub Copilot uses OpenAI Codex to suggest code and complete functions in real time. Copilot has also been trained on billions of lines of code, converting natural language input into coding recommendations across dozens of programming languages. Integration with GitHub is seamless. However, this sophisticated tool is available only as a freemium or paid version


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