by Jakob Staubmann, A. Sharief, Hedi Bousnina

On 24.01.2024, representatives from the Vienna-based United Nations (UN) organizations and agencies held a press briefing to outline their priorities and key events for the year 2024. The briefing aimed to provide an overview of the important work being done by these organizations and shed light on their plans for the upcoming year.

During the briefing, the representatives highlighted several priority areas that the Vienna-based UN organizations and agencies will focus on in 2024. These include sustainable development, climate change, human rights, peace and security, and public health. The organizations emphasized the need for collective action and cooperation to address these pressing global challenges.

In addition to their priorities, the representatives also discussed key events that will take place in 2024. These events will serve as platforms for dialogue, knowledge sharing, and decision-making. Some of the notable events mentioned include conferences, summits, and high-level meetings on various topics such as disarmament, drug control, gender equality, and nuclear energy.

The representatives expressed their commitment to working together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to promote peace, justice, and inclusivity. They emphasized the importance of multilateralism and the role of the Vienna-based UN organizations and agencies in advancing these goals.

Throughout the briefing, the representatives reiterated the significance of collaboration and partnership with member states, civil society, and other stakeholders. They emphasized the need for inclusive and participatory processes to ensure that the voices of all are heard and considered in decision-making.

As the briefing concluded, the representatives expressed their optimism and determination to make 2024 a transformative year for the Vienna-based UN organizations and agencies. They emphasized the importance of their work in contributing to a better future for all.


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