by Sharief

Today, Wednesday, November 29, 2023, Ambassador Magdi Ahmed Mufaddal, Sudan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Vienna, presented Sudan’s statement before the twentieth session of the General Conference of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

In his statement, Ambassador Mufaddal expressed gratitude to the organization and international partners for their support in building Sudan’s industrial capabilities in the past period. He emphasized Sudan’s aspirations for increased cooperation in the coming period, particularly in the reconstruction of the industrial sector, which has suffered from systematic sabotage and destruction by rebel forces.

Highlighting Sudan’s vast potential in the fields of agriculture, livestock, minerals, and solar energy, the Ambassador expressed Sudan’s eagerness to strengthen its cooperation with UNIDO and all partners to harness these resources for comprehensive and sustainable industrial development. He also emphasized the importance of enhancing regional cooperation and integration in Africa and the Arab world.

The UNIDO General Conference, held under the slogan “Fair Globalization: Progress through Innovation,” is a platform for member states to discuss and shape policies that promote inclusive and sustainable industrial development. This year’s conference activities will continue until the first Friday of December 2023.

Sudan, with its rich natural resources and strategic location, holds significant potential for industrial development. The country’s agricultural sector, known for its fertile land and diverse crops, can contribute significantly to food security and agro-industrial development. Sudan is also home to abundant mineral resources, including gold, petroleum, and uranium, which can drive economic growth and diversification.

Furthermore, Sudan’s vast livestock population presents opportunities for the development of the leather and meat processing industries. The country’s solar energy potential, with its abundant sunshine, can be harnessed to promote renewable energy and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

However, Sudan’s industrial sector has faced numerous challenges, including the effects of armed conflicts and political instability. The Ambassador highlighted the deliberate sabotage and destruction of industrial infrastructure by rebel forces, which has hindered the country’s progress in this area.

In this context, Sudan looks to UNIDO and its international partners for support in rebuilding and revitalizing its industrial sector. By leveraging technical expertise, knowledge sharing, and financial resources, Sudan aims to overcome these challenges and achieve comprehensive and sustainable industrial development.

Moreover, Sudan recognizes the importance of regional cooperation and integration in driving industrial development. By strengthening collaboration with UNIDO and its member states, Sudan aims to foster economic integration within Africa and the Arab world, creating a conducive environment for trade and investment.

The UNIDO General Conference serves as a platform for member states to exchange experiences, share best practices, and explore innovative approaches to industrial development. Through dialogue and collaboration, countries can identify common challenges and develop strategies to address them collectively.

As the conference continues, Sudan remains committed to actively participating in discussions and working towards the realization of its industrial development goals. The country looks forward to engaging with UNIDO and its partners to harness its vast resources, promote sustainable industrialization, and contribute to regional integration and economic growth.

In conclusion, Ambassador Magdi Ahmed Mufaddal’s statement at the UNIDO General Conference highlights Sudan’s potential for industrial development and its aspirations for increased cooperation with UNIDO and international partners. By focusing on rebuilding the industrial sector and harnessing its vast resources, Sudan aims to achieve comprehensive and sustainable industrial development while enhancing regional cooperation and integration in Africa and the Arab world.


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