Report: Muhammad Amir Siddique, Vienna-Austria.

The United Nations Women’s Guild Vienna (UNWG) Charity Bazar took place in Vienna on Saturday, 9th December 2023 10.00-17.00 AUSTRIA CENTER VIENNA Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1, 1220 Vienna to support mothers and children in need worldwide. The UNWG organizes an annual one-day International Festival Bazaar for the public with free admission. Around 80 countries offer food and drink from their kitchens as well as gift items from around the world. Members of the UNWG and volunteers from the international communities in Vienna participate in the bazaar. Over the years, UN Embassies and international missions have offered support. The United Nations Women’s Guild Vienna (UNWG) was founded in 1967 as a charitable organization. Guild members assist children in need around the world and/or Mother-Child Care programs. The UNWG also serves as a Circle of Friendship, offering support and resources for its members. As part of the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the UNWG collaborates with other UN organizations and international NGOs. In developing countries, UNWG provides funding to the IAEA for cancer programs for children. Moreover, UNWG supports UNICEF’s programs for education, health, and shelter, which promote women’s and children’s rights, according to the UNWG Charity website. The United Nations Women’s Guild (UNWG). Membership in the UNWG is open to any woman who is a staff member or the spouse of a staff member of the United Nations Organizations or Permanent Missions to these organizations in Vienna. Approximately 500 members come from over 100 countries.(UNWG) members enjoy a diverse of set social, cultural, and educational programs. They all volunteer, without pay, for charitable activities and enjoy the spirit of cooperation among a diverse group of women.


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