UN Office On Drugs and Crime Marks 20th Anniversary of UN Convention Against Corruption



by Jakob Staubmann

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) recently marked the 20th anniversary of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) with a high-level event held on October 31, 2023, at the United Nations Building in Vienna. The event was attended by Austrian President Van der Bellen and Ms. Ghada Waly, Director-General of the UN Office and Executive Director of UNODC in Vienna.

During the event, the speakers emphasized the significance of combating corruption and discussed how the United Nations can assist governments in their fight against corruption. They highlighted the various efforts being made by governments in collaboration with the United Nations to tackle this global issue.

H.E. Ms. Alma Zadic, the Federal Minister of Justice in Austria, stressed the importance of fighting corruption and the measures being taken by the Austrian government to address this issue. She emphasized the need for international cooperation and the role of UNCAC in promoting transparency and accountability.

H.E. Mr. Luis Javier Campuzano Pina, the Permanent Representative of Mexico, highlighted the efforts of the Mexican government in combating corruption. He emphasized the importance of strengthening legal frameworks and institutions to effectively address corruption at all levels.

H.E. Mr. Mohamed Hamdy Elmolla, the Permanent Representative of Egypt, discussed the efforts of the Egyptian government in fighting corruption. He emphasized the role of international cooperation and the need for collective action to address this global challenge.

Ms. Monika Fröhler, the CEO of the Ban Ki-moon Center for Global Citizens, emphasized the importance of empowering individuals and civil society in the fight against corruption. She highlighted the role of education and awareness-raising in promoting a culture of integrity and ethics.

The event concluded with a strong commitment from all speakers to continue the fight against corruption and to work collaboratively with the United Nations to achieve a corruption-free world. The anniversary of UNCAC served as a reminder of the progress made in the past two decades and the challenges that lie ahead in ensuring transparency, accountability, and good governance worldwide.


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