by Jakob Staubmann

The UNCAV United Nations Correspondence Association Vienna recently organized its annual meeting for board members, which served as a platform for exchanging ideas, discussing innovations, and planning projects for the year 2024. The event took place on Wednesday, November 8th, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. in the elegant Restaurant BIERIGER Club rooms on the 1st floor of Schweglerstrasse 37, Vienna.

One of the highlights of the evening was the presence of various esteemed journalist members who actively participated in this significant occasion. The meeting commenced with a warm welcome from the President, DI Abdallah Sharief, who expressed his gratitude to all the attendees for their presence.

During his address, President Sharief emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in achieving the organization’s goals. He acknowledged the dedication and hard work of the board members, acknowledging their role in the success of UNCAV. The President also highlighted the significance of the annual meeting in providing a platform for sharing ideas and planning for the future.

Throughout the evening, board members engaged in productive discussions, sharing their insights and experiences. The exchange of ideas fostered a collaborative environment, enabling the members to explore innovative approaches to address the challenges faced by the organization.

The meeting also served as an opportunity to discuss and plan projects for the upcoming year. Board members presented their proposals, outlining their vision and objectives. The diverse backgrounds and expertise of the members contributed to a rich and comprehensive discussion, ensuring that the projects would be well-rounded and impactful.

As part of the event, the UNCAV also recognized the contributions of its journalist members. Their valuable insights and coverage of United Nations events have played a significant role in raising awareness and promoting the organization’s work.

The annual meeting of UNCAV board members concluded with a sense of enthusiasm and optimism for the future. The exchange of ideas and the planning of projects have set the stage for a productive and successful year ahead.


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