by Amir Siddique

The Pakistan Community Forum Austria Scholars Wing recently organized the “PCFA Scholars Magazine Second Edition” event at the Vienna Local Hall “Cup of Culture”. The event was graced by the presence of His Excellency Aftab Ahmad Khokhar, the Ambassador of Pakistan, as the chief guest. Shahzad Saleem, Consul Community Affairs of Embassy Vienna Austria, and other staff members also attended the event.

During the event, the editors of the magazine, Dr. Syed Zohaib and Dr. Mudassar Mumtaz Virk, highlighted the significance of the magazine and its goals and objectives. They expressed their pride in how the magazine has become the voice of Pakistanis not only in Austria but also worldwide. The talent and potential showcased in the magazine’s articles and contributions were commendable. The editors also shared their commitment to expanding the magazine’s reach to a European level, allowing Pakistanis living in other countries to represent themselves. They expressed their desire for each subsequent edition to be launched in a shorter timeframe.

The event witnessed a large gathering of students, scientists, and doctors involved in European projects from all over Austria. Distinguished scientists such as Qaiser Maqbool, Jawad Akbar Khan, Mohammad Ahmed, Mubarak Mehmood, Mohammad Noman, and General Secretary of PCFA Imran Ali Mughal delivered detailed presentations on their respective areas of expertise.

His Excellency Ambassador Aftab Ahmad Khokhar expressed his appreciation for the initiatives undertaken by PCFA Scholars Wing. He emphasized that the Embassy of Pakistan is dedicated to resolving the issues faced by Pakistanis and is always ready to provide any necessary cooperation.

Nadeem Khan, President of PCFA, paid tribute to the collective efforts of all the scholars involved in the magazine’s production. He stressed the importance of continuing this commitment to showcase the talent and achievements of Pakistanis in Austria and beyond.

The “PCFA Scholars Magazine Second Edition” event was a testament to the dedication and hard work put in by the scholars and contributors involved. It provided a platform for Pakistanis in Austria to share their experiences, knowledge, and achievements, while also fostering a sense of community and unity. The magazine serves as a valuable resource for not only Pakistanis in Austria but also for individuals across the globe who are interested in gaining insights into the Pakistani community’s contributions.

The success of this event and the growing popularity of the magazine demonstrate the positive impact it is making in promoting the achievements and aspirations of Pakistanis. With each edition, the magazine is expected to reach new heights, becoming a beacon of inspiration for Pakistanis worldwide.

In conclusion, the “PCFA Scholars Magazine Second Edition” event organized by the Pakistan Community Forum Austria Scholars Wing was a resounding success. It provided a platform for Pakistanis in Austria to showcase their talent and achievements while fostering a sense of community. The magazine is becoming a powerful voice, not only in Austria but also globally. The event highlighted the commitment of the scholars and contributors involved and set the stage for future editions to continue this remarkable journey.


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