by Hedi Bousnina / Jakob Staubmann

PETROAFRICA is set to establish a significant business alliance platform for national, regional, and international energy companies, product representatives, and franchising brands. This platform will serve as a meeting point for various areas of interest, providing an opportunity for dealers to connect and collaborate.

The PETROAFRICA Tunisia 2024 event aims to bring together key players in the energy industry to foster partnerships, exchange knowledge, and explore new business opportunities. Through a series of events and conferences, participants will have the chance to engage in meaningful discussions, showcase their products and services, and stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the sector.

Connecting Energy Companies and Franchising Brands

PETROAFRICA recognizes the importance of collaboration and synergy in the energy sector. By creating a platform that brings together energy companies and franchising brands, the event aims to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships. Energy companies can explore opportunities to expand their reach and enhance their offerings through franchising, while franchising brands can tap into the vast potential of the energy industry.

Franchising offers a unique opportunity for energy companies to leverage the expertise and resources of established brands, enabling them to grow their business rapidly and efficiently. PETROAFRICA Tunisia 2024 will provide a space for these companies to connect with franchising brands, fostering collaboration and driving innovation in the sector.

A Meeting Point for Dealers and Areas of Interest

PETROAFRICA Tunisia 2024 aims to create a comprehensive platform that caters to all areas of interest within the energy industry. Dealers, representing various products and services, will have the opportunity to meet with potential partners, suppliers, and customers. This networking opportunity can lead to valuable business connections and collaborations.

Whether you are involved in renewable energy, oil and gas, equipment manufacturing, or any other sector within the energy industry, PETROAFRICA Tunisia 2024 provides a platform to showcase your offerings and connect with industry professionals. The event will attract a diverse range of participants, ensuring a dynamic and enriching experience for all attendees.

Events and Conferences: A Source of Knowledge and Inspiration

In addition to the networking opportunities, PETROAFRICA Tunisia 2024 will feature a series of events and conferences. These gatherings will bring together experts, thought leaders, and industry professionals to share their insights, experiences, and best practices.

Participants can expect to gain valuable knowledge about the latest developments in the energy sector, emerging trends, and innovative technologies. The conferences will cover a wide range of topics, including renewable energy, sustainable practices, energy efficiency, and more. By attending these sessions, attendees can stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions for their businesses.


PETROAFRICA Tunisia 2024 is set to create a business alliance platform that connects energy companies, franchising brands, dealers, and areas of interest within the energy industry. Through networking opportunities, conferences, and events, participants will have the chance to forge partnerships, exchange knowledge, and explore new business avenues. This event promises to be a valuable experience for all those involved in the energy sector, providing a platform for growth, collaboration, and innovation.


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